Reflections on the Journey

Reflections of the Journey – 2017

By Sandy Whittle


As I think about the role that God has designed for the members of PTCUMC to play at the Bishop Judith Craig Village, I think about Jesus’ statement in John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you”.  If you look up the verse, you’ll find that He was actually referring to the fact that He would send the Holy Spirit to His followers upon His ascension into Heaven.  He was saying that His people would not be left alone (as orphans), that He would come to them in the form of the Holy Spirit.  And the great thing about the Holy Spirit is that it is there to comfort us, to instruct, guide and empower us to live in ways that honor Him.

And I just keep feeling the stirring of His spirit within me to ensure that the children (and adults) at BJCCV know that they are not alone, that He has not left them as orphans.  Liberia has experienced more than her fair share of heart break and hardship—a devastating 14 year civil war and the ravages of the Ebola virus.  And yet God has great things in store.  He has a purpose and a plan to restore hope and He is working all things for good.  And so, He has placed the congregation of PTCUMC in the path of these incredibly wonderful kids, administrators and house parents to share His goodness and to provide encouragement that He is faithful.

When I first started going, I was focused more on tasks than relationships.  I wanted to accomplish much—-for example, to build a chicken coop and to stock and organize clothing supplies for the children in a shipping container on the property.  But, after going back time and again, I realize it’s no longer the projects that compel me.  It’s the people.  The kids who live in the Village are beautiful and smart and talented.  And the administrators and house parents there are strong and resourceful.  So, I’m really not able to offer anything of significant worth that they don’t already have.  Yes, I probably have access to more material resources.  But, I don’t think that’s why God has sent me.  It has become clear to me that He doesn’t want any of us to feel like orphans, but to recognize that His spirt and His mighty power live inside each of us.  Our role is to communicate through our letters, prayers and our presence that He cares deeply for each of us….so much so that He dwells within us.  And because of the indwelling Spirit, we have all we need to step forward in faith, trusting His goodness, knowing He loves us and that He has gifted each of us to live in ways that magnify His name.

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