DSC_0345.JPGHoping you all had a Happy Father’s Day!  It’s also a day for celebrating all the father figures who have meant so much in our lives.  For many of the children at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village, they may have never known their biological father or have never had a humanly father figure.  But our Father in heaven knows each of them by name and values them so much.

Your prayers, letters and financial support for these children shows that you value these children as well.  As a reminder, sponsorship payments are $420 annually or $35 monthly.  If you are able to contribute more than $35 per month, your generosity is greatly appreciated!  Please make your check out to PTCUMC and put “Heart to Heart- Liberia Support” on the memo line.  For those who are current on your financial sponsorship, we thank you.

The team will be leaving for Liberia on July 6.  We need and covet your prayers for the children, our time with the children and travel mercies.  Items that are currently being collected to take to the children are:

Underwear—-all sizes (kids to teens)



Bars of Soap

Sheets/Pillow Cases for twin beds


Sanitary Pads


Please place your items in the collection bin labeled for Liberia at the entry of the church.  Collection is ongoing through July 1.

You are the feet and hands of Christ to these children at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s

Village.  And you are such a blessing!  Regie Cameron

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