Prayers for our Children & Travelers

cropped-dsc_0253.jpgOur Heart 2 Heart Team sets off tomorrow (7/7/2017) on our journey across the Atlantic to serve the children of Liberia, West Africa.

We covet your prayers.  Along with the children & Houses Moms of #BJCCV, we ask you to keep our Team in your thoughts and prayers as we hope to stay in the center of God’s will throughout this trip.

Our team traveling to Liberia consists of 6 beautiful people:
1) Sandy Whittle

2) Greg Whittle

3) Regie Cameron

4) Jim Cameron (first timer!)

5) Caroline Cameron (first timer!)

6) Russ Heil

Caroline Cameron, an upcoming senior at McIntosh High School,  is excited to join us in serving & being with these children, and she’s looking forward to taking photos & videos to help document her experience to share with others. 😇
Our objectives this trip vary but will consist of: (1) hosting Vacation Bible School from the children of the orphanage; (2) meeting with local community leaders to help identify & develop strategies to best support our Orphans as they graduate & age-out of #BJCCV, (3) exploring post-secondary educational opportunities, i.e.,  college, trade & vocational schools; (4) letter-reading & writing; (5) to just simply loving on some kiddos.  The need is great.

Thank you, #ptcumc for all that you do to help love, care for, support and encourage the orphans and school-children at #BJCCV in Liberia, West Africa.

Thank you for you gifts, prayers, donations and letters.

In Faith, Hope & Love,

Angie Wilson & #heart2heartliberia


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