Hello Heart 2 Heart Sponsors!

Kerry and Joey Davidson (mission partners from our church) with On Aim in Liberia have been on home leave here in the States and will be returning to Liberia in May. They have graciously offered to take letters back with them to deliver to the children and house mothers at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village! So get your pen, crayons, pencils and paper out to write some letters!


If you have forgotten the spelling of your child’s or house mother’s name, just send me an email! Please print, as they cannot read in cursive. Photos or drawings are really cherished by the children and house mothers. You will not need to include a return envelope. Place the letters in the wooden box labeled “Letters to Liberia” at the welcome desk in the church lobby. DO NOT include money or gifts of any kind. Letters are due by May 14, 2017. I know it’s a busy time of year, but seeing your handwriting, photos and drawings is tangible evidence to these precious ones in Liberia that Jesus Christ is alive and loves them so much. And you are that vehicle of Christ’s love!!!

Thank you so much for your continuing support!



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