Jesus promised in John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”  He was saying that he would send the Holy Spirit in His place as he returned to the Father’s side.  It is amazing that He has chosen us to be one of the vessels through which He comes to the orphans of Liberia. –  Sandy Whittle  


Heart 2 Heart is direct sponsorship of individual children at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village in Liberia.
Through people, prayer and financial gifts, we represent HIM to the children of Bishop Judith Craig’s Children Village.
HIM stands for:
• Hope – through people, prayer and letter writing
• Instruction – school fees for children to attend school K-12
• Meals –ensure the children are eating healthy, nutritious meals including protein, rice, and vegetables

We believe God made each of these children in His image which gives them infinite and eternal value. Our objective is to educate and empower the young people of Liberia with God’s love.

We have now begun supporting children as they age out (graduate from high school and move out of the Bishop Judith Craig Village) to go on to vocational school. The Financial needs are many: tuition, books, computers, etc. Relational needs are critical: support, encouragement, and prayer.
Perhaps, currently, the most important concern is the future of the children in our care. Out of that love grew a calling and a larger Mission: On Aim in Liberia
We believe each and every person is made in God’s image. We believe people are of greater value than tasks. We believe life change happens through relationship.

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